A lot of people email me asking about good ideas for crafts that sell well at bazaars. I have put together a list of a few items to get you started. This list is not all inclusive. There are tons of great ideas people come up with. These are a few I have seen that seem to do well on a regular basis.         


A couple of notes:

Be sure to have a good variety of items and different price points. Your main sales will generally be of items $5 or less so be sure to have a lot of them.


My rule of thumb for a show set up:

 40% of items - $1-$2                   10% of items - $15-$25

 25% of items - $2-$5                     5% of items - $25-$50

 20% of items - $5-$15  


Pricing this way allows me to offer discounts such as $3 each or 2/$5. 98% of my sales are from discount sets.


My goal is to sell at least 6-8 times what I paid for the booth. So, for a show that costs $50 for a booth, I would hope to make $300-$500 with average attendance. For better attendance I would expect closer to $800-$1200.


If you want to sell $500 in items you need to have at least $700 in merchandise with you. Many times, new vendors expect to sell $500 at a show, but only take about $200 in product with them. I try to take at least $2000 in product to each show. I would rather take some back then have to turn a customer away.

Crafts For Bazaars!

Some shows you are doing well to make the booth fee. The next show you will sell out. No worries. Look at how you do overall, rather than panic about sales at an individual show.


Increase sales by offering a good variety of items. There is no guessing what a group will want. One show everyone wants whatever you have in red, the next show they want green. Take a good variety and keep a good sense of humor!


When making bath products to sell:

*         Be sure to use perfumes/essential oils designed for body contact. Never use candle or potpourri fragrances unless they are clearly marked as “safe for skin.”


*       Check to be sure you are following all state and federal requirements for products, manufacturing and labeling.


When making food items to sell:

*        Be sure to follow all state and federal requirements for food handling and labeling.


*        If making items with uncooked flour, cake mixes, cookies mixes, etc, it is highly advisable to freeze the flour for 48 hours before packaging to avoid moths hatching in your customer’s pantry!


               Please see "How to Sell Crafts" for more information and ideas!



Crafts For Bazaars!
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Gifts in a Jar are great gifts and easy to put together. See note at the top of this page about freezing the ingredients for at least 48 hours before putting them in the jars. If you forget, you can still freeze them after they are in the jars.

Here is my list for some of the most popular items at craft shows. Be sure to sign up on our free mailing list for more ideas and show suggestions!  Tell your friends!




Aprons - adult

Aprons - child

Aprons - doll


Cookbooks - ethnic

Cookbooks - local organization/church/school

Cookbooks - personal favorites


Food - baked goods

Food - BBQ sauces

Food - candy

Food - canned goods

Food - chocolate

Food - coffees | teas | hot cocoa

Food - dried goods

Food - easy to make at home

Food - exotic | unusual

Food - gourmet

Food - honeys

Food - jams | jellies

Food - nuts

Food - popcorn

Food - snack dips & dip mixes

Food - syrups

Food - vinegars

Food - pickles


Gifts In a Jar - brownie mixes

Gifts In a Jar - cake mixes

Gifts In a Jar - chili mixes

Gifts In a Jar - cookie mixes

Gifts In a Jar - cornbread mixes

Gifts in a Jar - hot cocoa mixes

Gifts In a Jar - pancake mixes

Gifts In a Jar - snack dip mixes

Gifts In a Jar - soup mixes


Kitchen - Plastic bag holders

Kitchen - Pot holders

Kitchen - Pot scrubbers

Kitchen towel sets

Kitchen towels


Napkin rings

Napkins - decorated

Napkins - holiday

Napkins - plain




Baby clothes - decorated | decorated

Baby clothes - handmade

Baby clothes - knitted

Baby clothes - painted | printed

Baby clothes - sun bonnets

Baby ornaments - Baby’s first Christmas, etc.



Bathroom  - door decorations

Bathroom  - everyday decorations

Bathroom - flower arrangements

Bathroom  - holiday decorations

Bathroom  - signs

Bathroom  - signs - personalized


Bedroom - everyday decorations

Bedroom  - flower arrangements

Bedroom  - holiday decorations

Bedroom  - signs

Bedroom  - signs - personalized


Blankets - handmade - baby

Blankets - handmade - crocheted

Blankets - handmade - fleece

Blankets - handmade - quilts


Boxes - decorated

Boxes - gifts

Boxes - painted

Boxes - storage


Candle stick holders - ceramic

Candle stick holders - decorated

Candle stick holders - glass

Candle stick holders - handmade

Candle stick holders - painted

Candle stick holders - pottery

Candle stick holders - silver









Table cloths - everyday

Table cloths - holiday

Table cloths - special occasion

Table decorations - everyday

Table decorations - holiday

Table decorations - special occasion

Table runners - everyday

Table runners - holiday

Table runners - special occasion



Aromatherapy - bath bombs

Aromatherapy  - bath herbs

Aromatherapy  - bath oil

Aromatherapy  - massage oil

Aromatherapy  - soap


Bath - bombs

Bath - bubble bath

Bath - cookies

Bath - fizzies

Bath - gel

Bath - Lotion - baby

Bath - Lotion - body

Bath - Lotion - face

Bath - Massage oils

Bath - oils

Bath salts - bulk

Bath salts - in jars


Soaps - gift sets

Soaps - handmade

Soaps - hostess soaps

Soaps - liquid

Soaps - lotion soap

Soaps - melt & pour (Low melting point. Not recommended for hot areas/hot days.)



Baby bibs - embroidered, decorated, printed, quilted

Baby blankets - embroidered, decorated, printed, quilted

Baby - gifts | gift sets

Baby - gifts for baby shower

Baby - toys, cuddly - stuffed animals, dolls, etc.

Baby - toys, building skills - wood blocks, puzzles, etc.

Baby - books | cloth books | scratch-n-sniff

Baby - photo albums, keepsake albums



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